Coach’s Corner: ”Commitment to Development”

Coach’s Corner is back again this week after the US Thanksgiving Holiday.

”You can’t have Super Series dreams if you are only going to have a Division 1 work ethic.”

That quote is an adaptation of a quote that was tweeted out by a colleague in the coaching ranks in the United States.  It is easy enough to talk about wanting to be really good, and to have dreams of success at the highest level of the game, but if you are not willing to put that level of commitment then you cannot expect to meet those goals and dreams.

Offseason workouts and conditioning are key to developing into the best individual that you can be for yourself and for your team.  Real development comes by not only holding yourself accountable, but also mutual accountability between members of the team.  Being at workouts, and sweating and bleeding for the cause is the only way to truly develop into a team.  A real team that all of us envision when we think about our dream football team.

Everyone will have instances where they legitimately have cause to not participate in training or practice.  However, this should be the exception, and not the standard.  It should be shocking when someone cannot be in attendance or participate rather than an expected occurrence.

You are embarking on a great journey with the Black Knights organization in 2016, no matter what age group you participate in.  I urge you to embrace the effort and commitment it will take for us to be successful in your daily development.


– Coach Fiddler